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European Women in Games Hall of Fame 2012 nominees

You can now vote for this year’s European Women in Games Hall of Fame sponsors by Electronic Arts, you’ll need to be a women in games jobs linkedin or facebook group member or follow @wigj on twitter to vote. The winners and those entering the hall of fame will be announced at the European Women in Games conference on the afternoon of Sept 26th at the Kensington Hilton. Voting takes place here 

The nominees are (in alphabetical order):

Debbie Bestwick: Co-Founder and Managing Director at Team17

Debbie co-founded Team17 in 1990, the studio behind the hugely successful Worms franchise. Her commercial skills meant she placed the brand with every major publisher possible. She has ensured that the business had steady revenues from publishers whilst still retaining developer independence, She is truly one of the women in software who has learned her trade, shaped her destiny and taken risks to ensure that her view is paramount in driving the company forward.Team17 has a great reputation within the global development & publishing community. The studio has provided over two decades of commercial success – releasing over 200 skus including the 50 million+ unit selling Worms franchise. Whilst others were busy discussing a box to digital transition Debbie had ensured that Worms was already topping the decks on Mobile, PC, XBLA and PSN having started the digital transition way back in 2001. Debbie Bestwick, a lady who has truly been there, done it, bought the T-shirt and in many cases licensed the T-Shirt back! (Garry Williams, Mastertronic)

Ann Hurley: European Sales Manager at e4e.

Ann has worked within the Games Industry since 1986, during this time she has worked within Distribution, Publishing, QA and Customer Support.  Past roles have included Sales Manager at Centresoft, Sales Director at US Gold and Ocean Software, Business Development roles within 20:20, Focus and Bigben Interactive, Ann now represents E4E Interactive Entertainment across Europe.

Ann is the consummate professional, leading from the front, demanding high standards and pushing everyone around her to reach their potential. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of the games business is extraordinary and contagious, she naturally offers motivation and support and has acted as a mentor to many, to help them achieve their ambitions. Without Ann, the games industry would be a very different place and would be a lot less fun. She is utterly inspirational and a fantastic role model and has shaped the careers of many, including mine. (Gina Jackson, Women in Games Jobs)

Odile Limpach: Managing Director at Blue Byte, Ubisoft

Odile is currently the Managing Director of Blue Byte GmbH, studied at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and graduated with an MBA, International Affairs and Marketing. After only six years in the game industry, she took over the management of Ubisoft Germany in 2000. Since 2007 she is working as Managing Director of Blue Byte in Düsseldorf. Her Responsibility is to ensure the framework condition and creative environment for the developers who create games such as the famous “Settlers”. Odile is an impressive personality; she manages to combine a career in the games industry with family and social requirements. (Dr. Linda Breitlauch, Professor of Games Design)

Lorraine Starr: Commercial Director at Yippee Entertainment

Lorraine has a tremendous track record, working across the industry from development to publishing, in companies large and small. A sample of the wide variety of roles she has undertaken in her career, including Executive Producer at Acclaim, Deployment & Production Director at Rockpool/Eidos and Commercial Director at Yippee clearly shows not only Lorraine’s versatility but also how adept she is at adopting new business models, new platforms and new genres – an increasingly essential attribute in an industry changing as rapidly as ours.

Lorraine maintains a very rare balance between the wisdom born of 25 years in the industry and the energy and enthusiasm of someone for whom this is the first day on the job. Her diligence, hard work and pragmatic approach to solving problems have helped her build a wide professional network but it is her honesty and integrity that have led to her reputation within that network as someone who can be counted upon time and time again. I truly believe Lorraine is a role model not solely for women but for anyone in the industry (Simon Protheroe, Square Enix)

Monika Siejka: Director – International Institute of the Internet and Multimedia, Paris.

Monika created the first school of the Internet and Multimedia in France in 1995, just two years after the first world-wide-web sites, created the Institute of Internet and Multimedia (IIM) within the Leonardo da Vinci University, located in Paris – La Défense. The school is now the first in its sector in France, internationally recognized it forms students at Bachelor / Master and MBA levels. The school has nearly 800 students in Paris. She helped to shape the video game industry by forming and training the many talented artists and managers the fill our teams internationally. (Risa Cohen, RCProductions)